G+ Gas - temporary waiver on part of Decree
20 January 2017

The Dutch Ministry has issued a communique relating to the requirements for gas appliances and their labelling and changes due to the Decree of 6th May 2016.  [...]

GAD superseded by new GAR
23 September 2016

The Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) is being superseded by the new Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR). Information about the new legislation[...]

Important information on Dutch Gas Appliances (Commodities Act) Decree
05 September 2016

With this notice,  Kiwa wants to make clear that for all type examination certificates under the GAD (Directive 2009/142/EC) that Kiwa issued for appliances to which the appliance category I2EK applies, the description of this appliance category is as included in the NTA 8837:2012.  [...]

Kiwa One-Stop-Service testing and certification
18 August 2016

One-Stop-Service regarding testing and certification for gas-,  alternative fuel and pressure systems and components. 


New EN 62368: free product review
04 July 2016

The ‘old EN 60950’ cannot be applied anymore after the 20th of June 2019. In order to make sure your product is compliant with this new standard we would like to offer a quick scan of your product according to EN 62368free of charge! [...]