GAD superseded by new GAR

23 September 2016

Dear Kiwa relation,

With regard to changing regulation KIWA wishes to inform you about the following:
The Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) is being superseded by the new Gas Appliances Regulation (GAR). The GAR ((EU) 2016/426) enters into force on 21 April 2018 and has no formal transition period.

Changes reflects the scope, definitions, the Essential Requirements (ER) and some other points.
Regarding the ER changes are for example:
- a mandatory risk assessment (ER 1.2);
- design principles “eliminate-protect-inform” (ER 1.3); and
- taking into account not only intended use of the appliance, but also the reasonable foreseeable use (ER 1.4).

How changes affects the current CE certifications in detail will be determined in the following months.
At the moment weare working on a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document as you might know from other regulations. As soon as more details are available we will inform you accordingly.

Kiwa will set up a separate webpage, on this website, which will contain the available information.
It will be updated frequently and we will keep you updated about the latest insights through email and news items .

Kind regards,
Maarten Feltmann
Kiwa Nederland B.V.
Cell: +31 (0)622 38 44 82