Kiwa offers testing and certification services for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) market. Also for the automotive, medical devices, industrial, transportation, hazardous locations and gas appliances industries. Kiwa is fully notified and accredited to test and certify your products for a global market. As well as testing for certification purposes, Kiwa's extensive laboratory facilities are also available for on-demand testing (R&D supportive tests, feasibility tests, benchmarking, etc). Tests can be done on complete systems, and also individual products and materias. We also provide support for test equipment and calibration services. 

  • Global Product Compliance for CE for HVAC

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+39 (0)43 841 17 55 (technical)

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+39 (0)51 459 3111
+90 (0)21 659 325 75
email: EuP@kiwa.nl
web: www.kiwaenergy.com 

Notified Body GAD / BED Directive 
IEC Ex certification body & test laboratory
ISO 17065 / ISO 17021 / ISO 17025 

Product & Quality System Certification


All products in the HVAC market for domestic use (central heating, tapping water and heat pumps) based on general global market access like CE, CB and local quality marks. We also offer these services to HVAC OEM suppliers e.g. for separate valves, burner controls and fans testing and certification.
Full scope accredited test laboratory in The Netherlands, Italy, UK, China and Turkey according to EN 17025.
For gas, electrical, solid fuel and alternative fuels related products including relevant safety aspects and EMC.

Type Approval Management and local quality marks:
- USA/CAN approval
- Australia / New Zealand approval
- EAC (former GOST R) approval
- China (GB/CC) approval
- MCS approval (UK)
Kiwa offers direct access to global markets by using its own accreditations, test facilities labs and partners worldwide. 

Our main markets are:
Europe & EFTA countries
Asia (China, Korea, Japan)
Turkey and Middle East
North America (USA, Canada)
Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan
Australia (including New Zealand)
South America
Additional services:
- Production surveillance
- Calibration
- Test equipment
As well as our test and certification related services, Kiwa also offers calibration, test equipment, and lab recognition.