Quality system certification

In your organization you continually work to improve the quality of your products. Your ultimate goal is to make progress and achieve development in order to increase your return. This means that your organization is constantly changing. Processes must be improved on a regular basis and must be adjusted to align with technical developments and new legislation, at both national and international levels. Certification allows you to demonstrate the quality of your company and your products.

Kiwa, as a certification institute, assists its clients worldwide with internationally-recognised product certification services. As an independent expert, it also carries out inspections and investigations. Kiwa combines technical expertise and process knowledge with a service-oriented attitude and qualifications for many international management systems.

Coach and sparring partner
Kiwa is your coach and sparring partner where complex and complete certification projects are concerned. Every certification project must be geared to the vision and risk profile of your company; the applicable legislation and sector-specific requirements.

Improvement and development
Kiwa looks beyond the boundaries of the certification scheme. Our auditors are presently working on improvement and development and do so on the basis of the inside-Kiwa concept: incorruptibly, expertly and independently. Together with you we build a long-term relationship and work on optimizing your products and services. Our knowledge is the basis for the improvement and continual development of your organization.

Certification in all shapes and sizes
With a Kiwa certificate you can demonstrate to clients, management and the authorities that your products have been guaranteed at the highest (accreditation) level. From a risk management, environmental/energy saving, security, safety or product quality perspective, Kiwa certificates are recognised internationally.